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Welcome to Rapid Banner Exchange. Free website traffic and advertising are just a click away!

Welcome to Rapid Banner Exchange. We service existing websites with large amounts of traffic and brand new websites that were just launched this morning alike. Our goal is to get visitors to your site without breaking your budget in the process. Rapid banner exchange is a Free Banner Exchange designed to bring you traffic from users who want to see what you have to offer. Countless studies have shown that web users who click a banner of any size that takes them to a site they are looking for are twice as likely to make a purchase and 4 times as likely to return to that site in the future. This benefits you, the webmaster two ways.

1. It places your website in front of users whom it would most likely not expose itself to.

2. It brings a user to your site who is interested in what your content is about.

You are now recieving someone who wants to read your articles. Someone who is already interested in your area or expertise. Someone who has potential of purchasing a product. Join Today! Not only those 2 great and higly usefull ways does this benefit you, but you also begin to build or maintain brand recognition. Advertising studies across the board support the fact that the more you are in front of your target audience the more successful you will be. Rapid Banner Exchange opens opportunities that you would not otherwise have. Many sites just like yours join our exchange weekly which means your banner has the potential to be shown across a vast network of sites. Don't hesitate. Join Today

How does it work and how is it free?

free banner exchange program graphSimply put, it's a trade. You join and place our code on your site. We have over a dozen options for ad sizes. More than any other banner exchange operating today. You choose the ad size for each area of your webpage and place our code. You can place various sizes to keep your page attractive. You can place different sized ads, via the code, on different webpages to align with your content. Then continue to promote your website or blog just as always. For each size ad you show on your site twice we show that same size ad that you created on a partner site once. Your site is now being displayed across our network of sites and getting you in front of potential customers you would otherwise not have reached. They see your ad and click to visit your site. You also gain brand recognition from having your ads on multiple sites. You enjoy the new traffic!

We sell the additional credits, we accumulate to our advertising partners, and other webmasters who want more impressions. It is a win win situation. You gain traffic from Real visitors. Don't hesitate. Join Today! Does banner advertising work? The short answer is yes. Of course it does. Log into most any of your favorite websites and look at the various ad banners and sizes you see there. They are there because it works. The long answer is yes it works but it does require patience and persistence. Our most successful exchange users have created ads in most every size and display almost all the code sizes somewhere on thier web pages. They use all of thier banner spaces and monitor over a 2 to 6 week period and delete non performing ads and create new ones in their place. Over the course they build a network of ads that get consistantly high click throughs!

Is this a good use of ad space?

free banner exchange join imageGoogle ads are great. Most however pay about 3 to 5 cent if you can get a user to click them. As you have probably discovered most people actually go to google and search what they want when they want google and view your website for the infomation they came there for. Banners are more personal. Especially a well desgined banner that takes a user directly to you. The small space you are using to place the code is the same size as the banner ad. Very unintrusive yet gets you impressions to show your targeted and well created ad somewhere. What is a repeat visitor to your site worth? More than the 3 to 5 cents from a google ad? What about a repeat visitor that makes 2 to 3 purchases per year? Yes it's a simple concept and exchange traffic is far superior to low yielding low paying google ads!